Importance & Benefits

What is a seed?


In an expansive sense, a seed is a material which is utilized for planting or recovery reason. However deductively, Seed is a prepared developed ovule together secured with seed coat is called seed or it is an engendering material i.e., some portion of farming, sericulture, silviculture and plant plants utilized for sowing or planting reason.  Seed might be characterized as "Fundamentally a genuine seed is a prepared developed ovule, comprising of an embryonic plant, a store of sustenance...

Significance of Seeds


1. Significance of Seed  Seed connect between the two eras of plant life.Seed is the medium which exchanging character from one era to next generation.Seed is the crucial and most imperative contribution for crop production.Seed as nourishment, encourage restorative, enterprises or fancy esteem.  Seed is the fundamental and significant contribution to effective crop creation, which holds the way to the homestead efficiency and productivity. The appearance of present day plant reproducing...

Seed Quality


Seed quality can be defined as it is a relative term and means the degree of excellence when compared to an acceptable standard. The seeds meeting required standard of genetic purity, good health and physiological purity (viability and vigour) and other attributes be referred as quality seed.   The quality seed have following characters Seed should be adoptable crop/ variety/hybrid and their duration should be according to the agro-climatic sand cropping system of the locality They...


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